All Natural Soaps

It smells wonderful, it looks great, and it feels fantastic on your skin!

Why use fake toxic synthetic soap "stuff" when our real handmade soap feels so wonderful? Literally bursting with freshness, moisturizing and mild, scented with pure essential oils the way Mother Nature intended. We use safe natural/organic ingredients. SoyBee soaps make it easy to be clean and green.

Our soaps contain neither perfumes nor artificial colorants. None of the soaps contain FDA numbered dyes; rather we color with natural herbs and clays. We use herbs and pure essential oils to scent our natural soaps.

Enriched with all natural ingredients and only the finest herbs and pure essential oils are used in our soaps. True premium blends of shea butter, concentrated blends of aloe, olive oil, 3-milk and more.

New Products For August - Soaps

Bay Rum

Bay Rum


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