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My Husband and I moved to our remote cabin in the Northwest. We’ve been here almost 13 years now and loving every minute of it. The both of us had dreams of getting out of the suburban city life style.

House in Summer

Here in our Northern Oasis, we try; to do things naturally and organic...but we are also realistic about how organic and natural one can be. We try and stay with the natural and organic products when we shop, but even then if you read the product information label there is always going to be an ingredient that you don’t like or don’t agree with. There is always going to be proof of that ingredient to back your opinion also. So as per usual it is a matter of preference and opinion.

We do try to do as much as we can by way of homemade. We love to work our flower and vegetable gardens. Also we are quite a pair in the kitchen. We’re not Culinary Chefs, but we can put some meals out that will make you cry and beg for more. All from what we have harvested from nature and our gardens. Now we do, do some grocery shopping once a month, to buy ingredient to help prepare our meals.

Homemade is a habit that we like to practice, weather we are preparing a home cooked meal, breads and pastries. Or making homemade bath soaps and bath products and raising honey bees for there honey and wax to make candles.

Bee Hive

We also try to stay in the habit of recycling. All my kitchen organic matter goes to the garden beds, and all dry paper products either gets used in the wood stove or shredded.

So when you order from us, don’t be too surprised when you open your new package and find shredded paper. We make our weekly trip to the post office and come home with 50lbs of junk mail. I got so tired of just throwing it away and you can only burn so much in the wood stove. This is one way we have cut our cost in our products. Also it just makes since. This is just one of the ways we recycle. We try to do our part to help preserve the earth.

Well, we are as natural as anyone can be. But let me say this, we are striving to be an earth friendly company to help save this beautiful planet that we live on. Myself and family work very hard at home to make things as eco-friendly as we can, and we wanted to share some of these things we have been doing with people like you.

I will admit that some of our products, I do order in. But they are very good products from people with the same belief that we have. We also believe in the far market trade. We do not order anything that is made in a sweat shop by people who are not even old enough to drive. Nor do we order anything from any illegal sweat shops period.

I can assure you that I do extensive research on the companies I do business with. We only deal with companies who work for a far trade and income like you and me.

As Always, Love & Laughter

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