Lavender Oatmeal


Cleansing of the Mind, Body and Soul; Strengthens Psychic Awareness

Can't afford a "Year in Provence" generally known as the {Côte d'Azur}? Well how about an afternoon: Imagine nestled in the spellbinding scent of Lavender fields swaying in the breeze or the cobble stone walk ways as you tour the markets. Revitalizing yet soul-soothing scent! Lavender is a favorite soap for many and no wonder as this is one of the most valued herbs around. There's nothing more comforting than real lavender soap.

Skin Type: Oatmeal has been know to assist with oily skin, which we could recommend this soap to. However, we would still recommend this soap to moderate skin types as well because our Three Milk combo. This soap formula is very rich with moisture rich ingredients.

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