Unscented Oatmeal


Increases Spirituality, Meditation and Health

Oatmeal soothes and gently exfoliating skin, leaving skin soft and supple. Oats are a popular whole grain said to help reduce cholesterol when taken internally. For skincare purposes, oats are used mainly in skin soothing oatmeal baths, moisturizers, facial scrubs and masks. Rich in bran protein, potassium, iron, phosphates, magnesium, and silica, oats have a gentle cleansing effect on the skin's surface, especially sensitive skin, and serve as a natural anti-itch agent. Our rich three milk soap recipe make this bar great for scent-sensitive skin.

Skin Type: Oatmeal has been known to assist with oily skin, which we could recommend this soap to. However we would still recommend this soap to moderate skin types as well because our Three Milk soap formula is very rich with other moisture rich ingredients.

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